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Monday November 21, 2005 1:14 am

Forums: What Is the Best Cell Phone Available?

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Cell Phones

W800 Walkman PhoneSo, Gear Live reader gstill over on our message board is wondering what the best cell phones out there are right now. We figured we would throw this one out to you guys. What do you feel is hot out there? Furthermore, what should he stay away from? If you can help him out, give him a reply in this thread.

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Forum Discussion

[quote author="freesitesr0ck" date="1132616038"]Sony Ericsson S710a[/quote]ya it;s prety nice phone to i have it 4 t- mob

Sony Ericsson S710a

VX8100 if you plan on getting Verizon. Otherwise I'd recommend the RAZR for Cingular.

anyone know or like or have the Motorola Motorola MPX series example:Motorola MPX 220 ???

Are you guys crazy? It's the Vodafone Sharp 903sh, and in order to get your hands on one you're going to have to get it imported from japan,have it fully unlocked and BAM! then you are going to have the best cell phone out on the (international) market today.

[quote author="gstill" date="1132226070"]Im about to get a cell phone at long last and I was wondering what yall thot the best choices are.[/quote]Do you already have a cell carrier? If so that will matter since some phones will only work with certain carriers and such. Also, what do need/want the phone to be able to do? Just look sweet but not all the bells and whistles? Or maybe something with everything possible? I have a palm treo 650 and love how useful it is...has everything I need and then some. But the size is a bit annoying and sometimes I would rather have a "less featured" flip phone that would fit in my pocket easily lol.

Sony Ericsson Z800 Vodafone, import from Japan, using Tmobile.

Some Sony Ericsson... The newer one allow you to insert a memory stick... So you can use it as mp3 and video player

[quote author="Haxxxess" date="1132809580"]Some Sony Ericsson... The newer one allow you to insert a memory stick... So you can use it as mp3 and video player[/quote] Yeah, the Sony Ericsson S710a (the one I have) does that. It's an amazing phone. 1.3 megapixel camera, video and mp3 capabilities, bluetooth and IR connectivitie (also has USB feature if you buy a special cable), BIG screen and EXCELLENT color. Also triband so you can use it worldwide. Did I mention the camera has a lens cover that opens and closes to protect it as well as a very STRONG light that can act as a flash for pictures or is strong enough to use when camping in the dark (I've tried it and it IS STRONG). And also, the phone isn't flip up, it swivels which catches alot of people's eyes. Honestly, I can't think why anyone would choose any phone over it!

The Z800 is smaller than the S710a, clam shell and has all the functions as the S710a. The camera can swivel out away from the user and can flip back to face the viewer if using video conferencing. It also swivels down to hide it when not in use to protect the lens. Flash and backlight capability with 4x digital zoom. However since the US doesn't have 3G, video conferencing not available here. Accepts MS Pro Duo up to 1GB. Has speaker phone capability and bluetooth. USB jack is available to sync up your calendar to your computer. Allows you to play mp3s as ring tones. very nice and professional. Well built as well.

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