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Thursday January 27, 2005 1:12 am

First Reviews of iPod shuffle Trickling In


CNet has reviewed the , and their results are less than stellar. Recieving a 7.0 on a 10 point scale, the iPod shuffle is billed by them as good for only those who know exactly what it is going to do. Users who may buy it just because of the Apple brand name will be disappointed to not have a screen, and the shuffle ‘mystery’ is simply a marketing gimmick to cover up the fact that there are no playlists. One user review even goes so far as to claim that “The only thing going for this player is the iPod name.” The iPod shuffle is light on features and only looks pretty. But I bet millions will still buy it.

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Only thing i like about the shuffle is its size and wieght. If it was that small and was able to hold at least 5 gigs of music, i would def buy it. Don’t really care about the screen becasue i dont look at it anyway.

there’s nothing special about the shuffle except for the ipod name. it will indeed sell a lot just on the basis of the name recognition.

i wouldnt buy it

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