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Friday July 19, 2013 1:55 pm

FireFly Online iOS and Android Coming in 2014

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FireFly Online

FireFly, the popular television series with a cult following, is now set to debut as an online RPG social role-playing game for iOS and Android in 2014. It may come with a desktop version, and possibly even appear on game consoles as well. Here's a sneak peek trailer of the game, after the break, along with details:

In Firefly Online, players assume the role of a ship captain as they hire a crew and seek out adventures, all the while trading with and competing against the millions of other players to try to survive in the Verse: find a crew, find a job, keep flying.

FFO provides a variety of gameplay activities and systems so that players can fully experience life in the Verse.

  • Assume the role of a ship captain - create a crew and customize a ship
  • Aim to misbehave in space and planet-side adventures
  • Cross-platform player experience across devices (pick-up and play from anywhere)
  • Unique social features connecting Firefly fans
  • Create a shiny ship and explore the Verse

If you want more info on the game, sign up at the source URL below!

Read More | KeepFlying

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ronald lugo ronald lugo 11/24/13 1:34 pm

Thanks for this informative post . Glad to see this post . It is really informative .Thanks for this post .

Andi Haidar Andi Haidar 12/4/13 2:23 am

nice info.. i’ll waiting for this apps on my device, thank’s for sharing

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Fauzi Akmal Fauzi Akmal 3/28/14 9:57 pm

Greatly apps..
but, can I downlaod from Platy Store?

Anonymous Anonymous 4/3/14 8:06 am

Can’t wait to see it how much is the cost…?
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