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Monday March 5, 2007 12:42 pm

Ferrari Gets Into Home Entertainment

Meridian F80Put the name Ferrari on something and you can either assume it is of quality or expensive, or both. Their latest endeavor is their teaming up with Meridian to create the F80 Home Entertainment System, which looks neavou riche but is basically a glorified boombox. The gadget, which comes in red, yellow, silver, black, or white, features an FM/AM/DAB tuner and DVD player. Its 3 amplifiers feed two drivers in front and one rear-firing sub. Hook it up to your TV and you have something that will really fly.

Be prepared for a price tag of ~$3500 for the Limited Edition or ~$2900 if you just want to stick to basics. You can then let your NASCAR buds in on the action. Check with Meridian for details about its release date.

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