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Tuesday February 14, 2006 5:45 pm

Elecom MF-DU204G 0.85” USB Hard Drive

Posted by John Goulden Categories: Accessories, USB, Peripherals

Elecom USB Drive

Flash memory USB drives are a dime a dozen these days, at least until you start getting into sizes larger then 2GB.  Once past that “magical” barrier, the price escalates enormously due to manufacturing costs for such dense flash memory.  Hard drives, even very small ones, are typically lower in cost per megabyte than their flash-based cousins.  Therefore we can postulate that Elecom is trying to capitalize on that cost savings with their newest product - the MF-DU204G.  The MF-DU204G is a USB memory stick with a hard drive instead of flash memory.  With a size of 68x30x13mm at 44 grams in weight it’s not as small as a flash-based drive, but extremely tiny for a disk-based model.  Software is included to password protect the drive in case it should fall into the wrong hands, and should it fall (literally) the durability of the drive is certainly questionable.  The nice thing about flash memory is that it almost thrives on abuse, whereas hard drives do not.

No word yet on pricing or availability but we can presume that the price will be below a flash drive with an equivalent capacity or Elecom’s new product has zero advantage going for it.

Read More | Elecom (jp) via Akihabara News

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