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Wednesday May 18, 2005 7:50 pm

E3 2005: Killzone 2 - Hardware Demo or Pre-render?

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Killzone, while looking incredible, has gotten a lot of reactions from gamers and the media.  Of course the media jumped on the PS3 like the second coming of Christ, but some gamers are rightfully curious about the nature of the video.  Is it CGI, or is it done in real-time on the PS3 hardware?  At this point it’s unclear.  I just hope Sony clarifies this—if indeed real-time it will have convinced many naysayers.  If not, Sony is up to the same old tricks they did with the PS2.

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I really liked Call of Duty 2 and Need For Speed on the 360.

Meh, not real enough. I’ll wait for ps4. hehe.

LOL Sony got own3d…  The NFS demo was a hardware demo and it looked insane.  I’ll be playing Halo 3 while people get their PS3s.  I’m an XBOX man :-D

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