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Friday February 11, 2005 12:34 pm

Dutch Military Develops Color Night Vision

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Color Night Vision

Night spying would be so much more fun if you could do it in color instead of grainy green.  The TNO research lab in Soesterberg, Netherlands thought the same thing too.  Their new night vision goggles produce natural-looking color by sampling daytime images in the landscapes where the system is expected to be used.  Stored in memory, those colors are then mapped to the various shades of grey/green detected through existing technology, producing an image that allows better clarity and depth perception.  Those episodes of Cheaters and the Surreal Life may never be the same.

Read More | New Scientist

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Yay!  No more green Paris Hilton vids! 

I guess they won’t mistake, say, human beings for bears now..? Who knows rolleyes I think they should have used the money for other things or something. I’m with falcoboy though—what use would they get out of this? You can still see at night with normal night vision, but then, that’s like asking why we need color televisions, I guess grin

falcoboy, it could be used for hunting as well. I believe u would say more details with color then with just shades of black and green

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