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Tuesday July 20, 2004 4:29 pm

Duke University to Give iPods to First Year Students

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Portable Audio / Video

Duke iPodsAs if the free Napster story wasn't enough, it now seems that Duke University plans to give 20 GB iPods to all first year attending students on August 19, 2004. Duke says that the iPods are being distributed for "educational use", and will have school related content preloaded on it. I am guessing this will be done via the Notes section on the iPod. Duke plans to have content such as orientation information, the academic calendar, and the ability to download faculty-provided course content all on the iPod. Now, despite how great this is for the students, wouldn't this idea have worked better if they were giving this content out on PDA's rather than iPods?

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Hmm, an iPod to hand out notes to students or a new Treo 600 that also doubles as a phone or a bluetooth/wi-fi enabled Palm/Windows CE PDA?

Which would I choose?  I am going Treo 600 all the way.

If you want a brick phone maybe treo. Think I would stick with an ipod and let my pen do the note taking.

I actually this was a good incentive to people that were already thinking on going to Duke University.. I greatly doubt a free iPod would change someone’s decision about going from a community college to Duke University (hehe)

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