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Monday January 31, 2005 12:21 pm

DOOM: The Board Game

Posted by Hector Martinez Categories: Misc. Tech, Video Games

Doom Board Game  This one’s for those folks who can’t afford a new NVidia card every 3 months.  For a fraction of the price, you and up to three friends can take part in a recreation of last year’s scare-fest from id Software.  Included in the game are 6 custom dice, 66 plastic miniatures (HellKnights, Zombies, Marines, etc), a rule book, and a scenario guide.  I bet most scenarios involve you being in a claustrophobic boiler room, unable to hold a gun and a flashlight at the same time.

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I bought doom 3 of the summer. I was scared the first night playing by myself in the dark. After that I only played durin the morning and afternoon >.< Lol not sure i can sit down and play a board game for 2 hours

are you supposed to play this game in the dark with a flashlight?

And for those of us who can afford a new nvidia card within a year or two, Doom 4 is being produced.

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