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Monday June 5, 2006 6:16 pm

divita 100-disc Storage Tower

Posted by John Goulden Categories: Home Entertainment, Storage


Optical disc formats such as CD’s and DVD are great for storing and archiving data, but over time the number of discs to keep track of can start to be a little unwieldy.  A few years ago, Imation came out with a storage solution called the Stakka that strived to simplify the clutter.  The Stakka could hold 100 discs, and as its name implies, offered the ability to have additional units stacked on top of it for increased storage space.  The nice thing about the Stakka was the USB interface that allowed you to perform cataloging duties from your computer.  The bad thing was also the USB interface as it allowed for disc retrieval only by using your computer.  A minor quibble to be sure, but the thing was also butt ugly.

The divita BDM-100S from BLUEDOT is set to change


some of that.  It has striking good looks with a sleek, silver exterior, and features a blue backlit LCD and keypad interface.  Blue LEDs line the sides of the unit and follow the motion of the internal disc tray as it travels up and down for storage/retrieval.  Sharp looking to be sure, but good looks are worthless if functionality isn’t there, and that’s where the divita runs into a minor problem - cataloging your discs.

It seems apparent that BLUEDOT has this product aimed more at the home entertainment segment than the computer market, as there is no way to hook the unit up to a computer.  Which means, all disc titles must be entered, mobile phone style, via the alphanumeric keypad.  Even the ability to hook up a USB keyboard would have been a welcome relief from the drudgery of all that button pushing.  On the upside, with no external connections, it makes for a nice free-standing unit for holding your movie/music/data discs.

divita Interface

The price is a bit of a disappointment as the divita BDM-100S sells for approximately $375 USD.  For that kind of money, you can get yourself a low end CD/DVD changer that will not only store the discs, but play them as well.

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