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Tuesday May 23, 2006 1:00 am

Dish Network ViP622 HD PVR Review

Posted by John Goulden Categories: HDTV, Home Entertainment

Dish ViP 622There are a few sources to feed your high definition needs; - over-the-air (OTA), cable and satellite.  Of the latter, you have a choice between DirecTV and Dish Network here in the US, with Dish having by far a higher percentage of HD programming.  Digital Trends has Dish’s latest HD DVR receiver, the ViP 622, up for review.

From the review: “The DISH Network HDTV DVR satellite receiver model ViP 622 is a high definition satellite receiver that is capable of recording approximately 25 hours of high definition or 180 hours of programming on a 250GB hard-drive.  This is the replacement model for last year’s model 942 HD PVR.  While having similar features from last year’s model, the 622 is now capable of receiving MPEG-4 video signals as well.  What that means to you—the consumer/end-user—is that it allows you to receive more HD channels, including all of the VOOM HD channels (now totaling 15), than before.  While older systems used MPEG2 encoding that takes up a lot of bandwidth, MPEG4 encoding takes substantially less thereby allowing more signals (resulting in more channels for users).  What makes model 622 exceptional is the fact that it gives you multi-room capability via one satellite receiver without any additional wiring in your house.”

As a ViP 622 user, I can easily say that this is Dish’s best receiver to date.

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  One thing to keep in mind is that the reason the recordings look exactly like the live stream, is because they are just that - exactly alike.  Unlike an external DVR solution, the ViP622 takes the compressed, undecoded stream that it receives from the satellites and stores it.  Only when you go to play the recorded program is the stream decoded. 

An external DVR solution, say a Media Center PC or external TiVo, takes the output from the satellite receiver, re-compresses it, and stores it away for later viewing.  Obviously this method degrades the picture quality.

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