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Tuesday November 9, 2004 10:10 am

Design the Next iPod Contest Results

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Announcements

Design an iPod iSkin Contest Results

Okay, about a week ago we asked you to develop the next iPod because we are pretty sure our readers can out think Steve Jobs. Thanks to iSkin Incorporated, we even promised to send chosen winners a free iSkin product. We got a boatload of submissions, and were able to narrow it does to the five best. We take a look at the winners after the jump.
Okay, we looked for a mixture of creativity, originality, as well as how we thought the unit would sell. Here is the one we liked the best:

Design an iPod iSkin Contest Results
Submitted by Michael P.

This 5th Generation iPod would include integrated Bluetooth, along with a translucent front panel and color screen. The Bluetooth would allow you to sync the iPod to iTunes wirelessly, as well as download new music from the iTunes Music Store. You can also use Bluetooth enabled headphones to have a completely wireless iPod.

Design an iPod iSkin Contest Results
Submitted by Andrew

The specs on this unit:

  • Up to 20 hours of music playback; up to 10 hours of slideshows with music; up to 5 hours of video
  • Up to 25 minutes skip protection; up to 20 minutes for video
  • 45 MB buffer
  • 3.75-inch (diagonal) 65,536-color LCD with LED backlight; fully touch responsive
  • Side stylus slot
  • FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 through dock connector; Composite video and audio through headphone jack or line out on the iPod Photo Dock
  • About 5 hours Charge Time (3-hour fast charge to 80% capacity)
  • Graphical Preview of each menu item contents
  • No need for physical buttons with touch screen
  • Driverless support for Windows
  • Back alumninum casing is clear coated to prevent scratching

The only negative I see here is that I don't see how having to use a stylus to change tracks is a step forward instead of a step back.

Design an iPod iSkin Contest Results
Submitted by Johnathan M.

That one was pretty self explanatory. I think the screen might be a bit too small for videos, as well as gaming. If it were bigger, I can see it being good to game on - but does anyone expect the iPod to compete with the Sony PSP or Nintendo DS?

Design an iPod iSkin Contest Results
Submitted by Michael C.

Aside from the name, I like the concept of the above iPod. I think the above screen should be used for a dedicated menu instead of visualizations, but the wireless factor that allows you to listen to iPod's within a five mile radius is interesting. Of course, there should be an option to stop your iPod from broadcasting if you so choose.

Design an iPod iSkin Contest Results
Submitted by Mike P.

Now this is interesting, but Apple would never go for it. The iPod above has a slider to hide or reveal the keyboard. From the artist:

Instead of having a bulky iPod with a 40 GB hard drive in it only have like a 1 GB hard drive.

"1 GB how many songs can that hold?"
Not to many but its not how many it can hold its how many it can access

Your iPod would be connected to a satellite which is connected to a database with every song iTunes has stored on it. When you want to listen to a song you slide down the panel to reveal a key pad. You then search for a song by either song name, artist or keyword. Once you have found the song you hit listen and it will take prob about 20 sec to upload past the point were you can start listening and it will finish uploading by the time you get to the end of the song.

"Isn't that a lot of work to listen to one song?"
Yes, but thats why you can create play lists or listen to entire Cd's.

On a play list you will only have to wait about 20 seconds for the first song to upload then the server will be downloading the upcoming songs while your still listening to the previous ones. When listening to Cd's it will be the same thing.

"What if I'm 6000 feet underground and i cant access the satellite?"
Thats why there will be a 1 GB hard drive. Y

You will be able to store around 200-300 songs which is over 10 hours of music without listening to the same song twice. And in this case it will only be for a short time if you live 6000 feet underground then you should purchase the regular 40 GB iPod.

"Will there be a charge to access these songs via satellite?"
Most likely yes considering all of the database and satellite requires a lot of maintenance. But it would be a flat monthly or annual charge.

This definitely beats paying a buck a song on line. Pay a small fee monthly/ yearly to listen to all the music you desire, With this though you are not downloading the music to your iPod its just a database you can listen to like a radio so the fees will be cheap.

In conclusion you can see that this iPod is in a class of it own. Owners will be able to save money by not paying for dollar downloads off iTunes. Plus with a smaller hard drive then the other 40 GB iPod's the cost will be a bit lower and it will be bit smaller as well.

We want to thank everyone who submitted an iPod concept for the contest. Gear Live also thanks iSkin, Inc. for sponsoring the contest by donating five iSkin products for the winners.

- Andru Edwards

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