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Thursday July 20, 2006 5:06 pm

Dell Instructs Tech To Steal 1.5 GB Of Customer RAM

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Corporate News, PC / Laptop

Dell LogoNow, this is just silly. While we can’t confirm or deny the validity of this story, the sad part is that we can totally see it happening. We have had quite a few less-than-stellar run-ins with Dell Customer Care in the past. So much so, in fact, that Dells will never be a part of the network here in the Gear Live Media HQ. Nonetheless, check this out. This person was having significant issues with her new Dell XPS 400. When a local tech arrived (which took many phone calls to even achieve,) the following occurred:

In fact, he suggested something that I will be writing to Dell about. He actually suggested that she install only one of the four memory modules, close the box, determine quickly if that module was okay, and then leave, telling me to continue installing Windows and call tech support if I had any more problems! He actually suggested to her that she LEAVE OUT 1.5 GB of my memory, memory I paid for, presumably without telling me what had been done. She said, “I would do that, but I’m not that cruel” and promptly hung up on him.

Absolutely insane. For the full story, read on by clicking the link below.

Read More | Woe Betide My Dell

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The solution (short of buying a mac) is not to buy from these computer-building companies like Dell but to instead build the machine yourself. They use crap parts that will break and then the tech support sucks. If you choose your own quality parts and put them together, you will not only have a more reliable system but you will be familiarize yourself with computers and be able to diagnose and fix problems yourself.

They dont even use crap parts, just 1 crap part. Everything is onboard, with little room for upgrading. You buy crap, you get crap. You always get what you pay for. I always recommend Dell to people I dislike. Let the punishment fit the crime.

Are you seriously suggesting the average person to build their own computer, you must be crazy, I myself, you, and probably anyone who is reading this are most likely capable, but to suggest the average person to do that is like me asking you to defuse a bomb, you have no experience in that field and you would probably blow yourself up, as they would F*ck up their computer and/or never get it running, I also don’t agree with dell being all that bad, I have had experience with their products in the past and have had no trouble with them, you people just read things on forums about dell being crap then repeat it without actually using any of their products.
Thats my rant for the day smile

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