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Monday November 21, 2005 3:47 pm

Crap. It’s Freaking COLD Out Here.

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Announcements, Video Games

The things some would do for an Xbox 360 at launch…currently it is below 40 degrees, right about freezing, and there are about 120 hardcore gamers standing in line at the Bellevue, WA Best Buy location - the one where Bill Gates will be making an appearance to kick off the launch of the Xbox 360 here on the West Coast. My body is numb, and I forgot my blanket. Luckily, tons of people brought spares, and I got the hook up. Still though. So. Cold. Pictures to come later after I defrost my camera.

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poor Andru… the things you do for your xbox raspberry

LOL, now that is dedication…

at least its not raining i plan on going at midnight for a 9am launch and its 35 degrees and pouring.

That brings back memories…when a new strip club opened in my area. It was freezing outside, but after the cold came fire! LOL!

Its 75 and sunny in SoCal.  HA HA!

Who cant be warm on the inside within the next few hours!

Well, I live in Riverside, CA. The high today was 88 degrees and currently its 60 degrees outside (8:30 PM). So booya! lol

wow i went to get retail locations and all had number of people waiting in line as they had systems. This was at 10 PM for a 9 am launch, some guy said come back at 9:05 am tomarrow with 1k cash and you can have mine, most of the people waiting were not gammers they were trying to make money. What a disapoitment.


at least ill be able to sleep in my bed tonight?

damn..i wont be gettin a 360 for awhile…every retail store here is sold out.. confused

ummm…dude! its a video game console!  There will be better…just give it a couple of months.  Or better yet, get a quad sli setup on a gigabyte GA-8N mobo instead of this.  All this waiting for mr gates and microsoft? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!

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