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Friday July 11, 2014 2:37 pm

Will Cortana, the Windows Phone assistant, come to other smartphone platforms?

Cortana iOS android

One of the more exciting aspects of Windows Phone 8.1 is the appearance of Cortana, a Siri-like voice-based personal assistant. We spent time talking to Microsoft's Marcus Ash about Cortana, and we asked him about the possibility of Cortana making its way over to other smartphone platforms like iOS and Android. After all, the demo we were given was impressive. According to Marcus, at first it'll be a focus that is part of Windows Phone, and that's the number one priority with Cortana.

To extend Cortana across the entire smartphone ecosystem, that's the part that Microsoft is still mulling over and figuring out. The question is "How do we get Android or iOS users that also use Windows to have a great Cortana experience?" As a company, Microsoft is putting work into solving the question, and it isn't afraid to put its apps on competing platforms. After all, there's Office on Android and iOS, Bing, and others. For our money, it makes a lot more sense for Microsoft to release Cortana across multiple ecosystems rather than tying the service down as a Windows Phone exclusive. It's not the kind of feature that sells phones (similarly, we don't think that Siri on its own sells iPhones, either.) As a cloud-powered service, is Cortana a Windows play or a service play? Time will tell.

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AMRooke AMRooke 7/13/14 2:32 am

Cortana is one of the leading reasons for people to finally try WP.  If Microsoft makes it available on other platforms, that would be a major opportunity missed.  Reward those of us who have made the plunge (as my family and I did 4 years ago), and use it as a carrot to help entice new users.

noyon hossen noyon hossen 7/14/14 2:42 am

Thanks for creating Cortana in Windows Phone..

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