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Friday May 17, 2013 1:02 pm

Copy cloud storage aims to overtake Dropbox with Fair Storage, more space

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Internet, Storage

Copy Cloud Storage

Copy is a new cloud storage service, and it's got its sights directly on upheaving Dropbox as the cloud king. With Copy, you keep your files in sync across devices and get a web interface with easy sharing (including mobile devices,) similar to what you get with Dropbox. However, it differs in a couple of key areas that make Copy seem like a much better offering:

  • When you share files with other Copy users, that space isn't docked from both accounts. With Dropbox, if you share a 1GB file, both you and the person you share with now have 1GB less storage space.
  • When you sign up for Copy, you get 15GB of space right off the bat. With Dropbox, you get 5GB.
  • Each time you refer a friend to sign up for copy, you are granted another 5GB, with no limit. Dropbox only gives you an extra 500MB, and has a hard referral bonus of 16GB.

Wanna give it a try? It's free, and it's great. Head on over to Copy to sign up - use this link, and you'll start out with 20GB free instead of 15GB!

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Make sure you use a referral link and download the application as well as click the confirmation link in your email for the EXTRA 5GB!!!!
Here is mine:      https://copy.com?r=tzaQPG

Daniel I. Daniel I. 6/5/13 11:00 pm

Copy is good but a little hard to get around. I use Shared.com. They made their interface ridiculously intuitive and easy to use. Plus they’re super fast when it comes to uploading and sharing.

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Hope you like it, this seems to be the best i have tried.

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