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Friday December 16, 2005 12:13 am

Comcast Network Outage Wastes My Time

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Announcements

So, our sites have been lacking of updates today thanks to Comcast and their wonderful outage that has had me sitting without Internet, Vonage, or cable television for the past six hours. Of course, they don’t know why the outage occurred, but my Internet just came back on, and has been fluctuating off and on. Even better, now I have to go out to meet up with Major Nelson over at Chris and Ponzi’s place. Oh well, we should have some stuff up at some point this evening - if Comcast gets their act together.

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Comcast decides to go out and comes back in an hour or two. Cable tv decides to not give me a picture, or lagg really badly when searching through on-demand, and i hate their phone technicians, i yell at them ALOT.

Having same types of issues here in SoCal. Though I have been having inconsistant connection for the last month or so especially when I try to download things.

I was hoping it was part of the upgrade they are working on so at least at the end we would have a faster connection but even that doesn’t seem worth not being able to connect when you want to.

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