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Friday March 23, 2012 1:11 pm

Chrysler aims to deploy the Dodge Durango as the next SUV Police Cruiser

Dodge Durango PD Cruiser

For years Ford has been the staple of law enforcement, so much so that instinctually my foot would hit the brake every time I saw a Crown Victoria in my rear view. But the Crown Vic is being sent to pasture, as a new era of police cruisers is upon us.

Chrysler has been on and off in producing a wanted cruiser. It's been over 40 years since the last great era of Chrysler vehicles being used regularly for law enforcement. Now Chrysler is back in the game. Departments nationwide have widely adapted the Dodge Charger as one of their own, alongside the Chevy Tahoe for those that need a larger cruiser. It seemed that the Tahoe was set to be the next Crown Vic, at least in the SUV-category of cruiser, but not if Chrysler has a say in it.

Chrysler has deployed its Dodge Durango to secure itself a spot in police departments across the U.S. This isn’t frivolous attempt either, as the Durango has a lot going for it. It’s range of travel is estimated to be 550 miles per fill up. The interior has been revamped with the officer in mind and, oddly enough, also for the perp in the back seat who has the option to control the rear HVAC. Departments will have the option of choosing their Durango with the Pentastar V6 or Hemi 8. We’d suggest the latter.

In all, we’re excited to see this come to be. Not that we’re excited to see them behind us, but more so a diverse cruiser selection for officers nationwide.

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