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Thursday September 1, 2005 11:00 pm

Chad Dyner, Inventor of Heliodisplay Interviewed

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Misc. Tech, Peripherals

HeliodisplayThe Heliodisplay is an awesome interactive tactile 3D display that projects images in midair that one can “touch”, causing the objects to react. OhGizmo secured an interview with the inventor of this technology, Chad Dyner.

Okay, so let’s turn to the technology. You say it will accept any video source, be it DVD, TV or computer. So, how exactly does the unit interact with a computer?

It’s essentially plug and play. Now, I realised early on that if we were to bring into the world a disruptive technology such as this one, we were going to have to take incremental steps. You have to understand first of all, that the infrastructure in the world right now is built for two dimensional data. So then, as soon as you say you have a display for two dimensional data, then you get different protocols for displaying this data: NTSC, PAL, VGA on the computer and different types of video signals that can be received into our system.

Read on for the entire interview.

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I am looking forward to future halo games.
I am not looking forward to top spin 2.

Man, I see a great opportunity for a whole new world of pr0n!  This will make or break!

The Jetsons anyone?

This will be great for watching The Ring and other horror/scary movies! They already have managed to get the ghostly effect.

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