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Wednesday January 10, 2007 7:47 am

CES 2007: MediaREADY MC Media Center

Description MediaREADY showed us their Linux-based MC Media Center. While the face looked a bit like an 80s VCR, complete with old-school, flashing-twelve LCD clock, the concept and software seemed pretty neat. The specs are… just a bit lackluster: 200 GB hard drive, (just) 512 MB RAM, built-in ethernet and wifi, and a whole host of inputs and outputs. It’s able to record DVDs, and has a somewhat decent software set, including VOIP while watching shows, AIM, email, and basic web browsing… But it’s retailing for $899, doesn’t support CableCard, and no matter what, you can bet its interface loses to TiVo.

Ships Q1, $899.

(Edit: The pic shows two units, the top one reversed, if that wasn’t clear.)

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