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Thursday July 21, 2005 5:04 pm

Cell Phones a No-No at Edinburgh Film Festival

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Edinburgh Cell Phone In a move reminiscent of overly-strict high school teachers, the organizers of the Edinburgh Film Festival have announced that they will confiscate every cell phone that is brought to any of the festival¬ís film screening.  The decision is intended by the organizers to eliminate the possibility of any festival attendee using their phone to aid the cause of film piracy.  On the other hand, the companies presenting films may simply want to avoid subjecting their movies to being captured and shown in the terrible image quality utilized by most phones.  I guarantee almost no one would want to see a pirated movie filmed with my Treo 650.  Regardless, with the advent and advancement of higher-quality video recording capabilities in mobile devices, we will most likely only be hearing more and more about these types of restrictions.

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lol yeah, most cell phones can’t even take decent pictures, let alone full length movie video in a dark room that is watchable.

But a positive side effect would be no annoying ringers going off during the movie heheh wink.

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