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Saturday February 12, 2005 4:15 am

Brushed Metal iPod Mod

Brushed Metal iPod ModIf you are like most iPod owners, you hate seeing fingerprints on the back of your super chic device. What can you do to solve this problem? Simple! Grab some Brillo and give it a brushed metal look. As you can see in the image, the brushed metal look actually fits all the rest of Apple’s designs. Not only will you have eliminated finger prints on your shiny iPod, but it looks great! NewSlang.org has an article detailing the simple steps to achieving great results. Of course, you can also just use a Pod Shield and keep the luster.

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I actually would prefer the mirror finish to the brushed metal.  Just looks more classy.

Lol. I did that brush look like 3 days after i got my ipod. Did a design on it tho. Have a pair of eyes smile

ive been so tempted to do this, dont wanna screw up and end up with a ghetto fabulous ipod tho,lol.

I like this idea too.  I saw someone stuck a sticker on and then did the brushed thing.  Looked sorta cool…

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