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Tuesday March 29, 2005 8:29 pm

Boeing Airplane Jet Turned Into Stretch Limousine

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Misc. Tech

Limousine JetIt really doesn’t get much more upscale than this. In what has to be the ultimate mod, a gentleman by the name of “Limo Bob” took a Boeing jet and turned it into a super-stretch limousine. The vehicle no longer has wings or a tail, but you can definitely tell that this was an aircraft at one point in its history. Step inside and you will find a heart shaped bedroom, bathroom, first class, and VIP class areas. The cockpit is still intact as well, and this thing is street legal. If you want it, you are gonna have to grab it on eBay. Current bid is $300,600 USD.

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pffffff, hahahahaha! LOL!  hahahahaha!

what a joke! do you really think you’ll look cool in that garbage can?  I’d rather spend it on an F1 McLaren.  Now thats a car!

I really feel sorry for anyone that wins the bid.  Just a reminder, nobody crazy enough will insure this tin can.

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