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Monday September 5, 2005 3:42 pm

Blu-Ray May Deal Out “Punishment” to Hackers

Blu-Ray HackingAccording to Reuters, hackers or modders that tinker with their Blu-ray players may be subject to their devices being remotely disabled.  The feature, operated through a required connection between the player and the internet, could monitor the device and shut it down if any changes are made to hardware or internal firmware.  While this may not affect the mainstream user, having an outside entity attempting to control and monitor yet another component of home entertainment is sure to cause waves in the tech-savvy community, especially for those used to tampering with regional coding in their current DVD players.  In the battle against HD-DVD for format legitimacy, the mention of this feature will certainly put a damper on Blu-ray.

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A better statement would be how much punishment the public will deal to Blue Ray when HD-DVD gives you more freedom.  Hopefully HD-DVD will be 1/100th the cost, and voila, we have beta #2!

Wow, I hope they don’t do this, this is Porn and the Betamax all over again, bad, bad idea.

HD-DVD is an inferior format, but oh well, it will indeed probably win out more, simply because it’s cheaper, and more familar to the end user.

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