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Thursday April 7, 2005 6:43 pm

Best Buy Has Customer Arrested For Using $2 Bills

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Corporate News

Best BuyJust when we think they are doing some good in the tech world, they go and mess it up, as always. Best Buy customer Mike Bolesta simply wanted to purchase a car stereo. After being assured that a particular model would fit, he realized the Best Buy sales rep was incorrect (this sounds familiar). After being told the installation fee would be waived due to the error, he was able to get the correct stereo. When he got home, he received a call from Best Buy saying he needed to pay the fee. Upset about the horrible service he received, Mike decided to pay the $144 charge using only $2 bills. Now,  there is no law against this. $2 bills are still legal tender here in the United States. He handed over 57 bills, and should have been able to be on his way. Instead, he was asked accusingly if they were real. Then they called the cops. I feel for ya Mike, it’s just unfortunate that I have heard stories like this in the past - and yours probably won’t be the last. Anyone else have a story of horrible customer service at an electronics retailer?

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File a 1 billion dollar lawsuit against worst buy.  Then sue the government for allowing 2 dollar bills not to be legal tender. Sue sue sue! let them rott in hell for all i care. I would love to see their execs work at mcdonalds so i can treat them like the shitt they are!

uhm those $2 bills could probably be sold for more than $2.  They’re collectors items now.

Thats awful, but I have heard bad things about best buy.

I think it wasn’t good of BestBuy to do this to their customer.  They should have at least verified that the $2 bills were legit or not before even accusing the customer.  These types of problems can only be solved by training employees better.

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