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Thursday June 16, 2005 4:39 pm

Bacteria That Eat Pollution And Also Generate Electricity!

Posted by Kristin Wenzel Categories: Misc. Tech

Toxic Electric bacteriaScientists have been experimenting with bacteria in many forms for a long time, for many applications.  Some can transform toxic waste into harmless byproducts.  Others have been employed to produce electricity.  And now, it looks like science hit the bonus round in discovering bacteria that produce electricity while devouring toxic waste.

“The bacteria are capable of continuously generating electricity at levels that could be used to operate small electronic devices,” says Charles Milliken of the Medical University of South Carolina, who conducted the research with colleague Harold May. “As long as the bacteria are fed fuel they are able to produce electricity 24 hours a day.”

The overachieving bacteria are called Desulfitobacteria, and they aren’t picky eaters - this type of bacteria is already well known for it’s ability to detoxify some of the worst man made toxins including many chemical solvents and PCBs.  Only recently, though, did research indicate their energetic capability.  Could these tiny spores provide a way to clean up some of man’s worst messes, and help prevent new ones from forming?

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