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Monday October 11, 2004 2:54 pm

Ask the Gear Chick

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Features

Ask the Gear Chick Gear Live

With all the email we get at Gear Live regarding technology, opinions on what people should buy, and the like, we figured it was time to start a mailbag column. We thought long and hard about how to go forward with the new column, and it soon became obvious. We needed a Gear Chick. Is there anything better than a woman who loves tech? Didn't think so. They are a rare breed, and it took a while for us to find that one woman who fit the bill - but we did it.

Meet Lauren, the new Gear Chick. She will be answering your emails on all things related to gear in Ask the Gear Chick each week. You can reach her at gearchick@gearlive.com. Here is her first column:

Welcome to Ask the Gear Chick. It isn't too often that you see a chick on Gear live but with my new column, that might just change things around here! Here's the basic idea:

You write me an email and ask some questions. I will pick a few to answer each week and you'll get an honest answer or opinion from a real tech girl.
I'm Lauren and currently a student at Western Connecticut State
University in CT. I'm planning to pursue a career in early childhood
education, specifically preschool. However...I love all kinds of tech
gadgets and toys. Basically, buying new things and trying them out is
a hobby of mine. My favorites have to be digital cameras/web cams and
cell phones.

My first experience with tech gear was with my lovely NES system. I
was 5 years old and shared it with my twin brother. Mario Brothers 3
was, and still is, my favorite game for that system. My aunt bought it for us because my mother could never afford any of that. I didn't even have a TV in my house so I had to play it at my grandmothers. I guess not being able to have all that makes you want it more and encourages you to work for it.

Since then, I've gotten a bit more advanced with my gear. After
getting a job, I became more interested. I could actually buy the
things my friends had and what I wanted. In the past few years I've
gotten a number of computers, game consoles, DVD players, cell phones
and MP3 players.

My most recent purchase was an LG VX3200 cell phone which I absolutely love. It's a very light phone, only weighing 3.5 ounces and stands out from other phones due to its silver/blue coloring. The battery life is excellent, I only have to recharge it every 3 days. Other features include voice mail, voice dialing, color screen analog roaming speaker phone and speed dial. Overall its a great little phone, fits easily in my pocket and does its job well.

I am also in love with my new digital camera. It is a Canon Powershot
A85 and the best I've owned so far. I get crystal clear pictures every time and never have to worry about low light, shadows, or anything of that sort. My favorite features include Postcard Mode, the 1.8" color LCD with up to 10x playback zoom, and especially the voice memo that can be attached to pictures taken. I got it for $275 and have yet to have a problem. With all of its great features, its worth at least 3 times as much!

So now you know all about your new columnist. Get those questions in!

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