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Tuesday March 8, 2005 11:28 pm

Arkon Steering Wheel Laptop Mount

Posted by Hector Martinez Categories: PC / Laptop, Peripherals

Laptop Steering Wheel MountWell now here’s an accident waiting to happen.  I was actually a little worried about posting this because it might get people to look into purchasing it.  Sure, the product comes with all kinds of warnings against using it on the road while driving, but why tempt folks?  This $50 device from Arkon lets you use laptops weighing up to 10 lbs right from your steering wheel.  I just fear that people may opt to use this instead of spending the crazy money you need for an in-dash GPS system.  And you guys thought people driving with cell phones were a hazard. 

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LOL!  more deaths on the highway!  Here comes the reaper…

that is the best idea ever—darwin is pleased.

I can’t believe this was made.  This is one of the worst ideas ever.

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