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Aquafarm is a self-sustaining aquaponics fish garden

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aquafarm aquaponics fish garden thinkgeek

Tiny fish tanks can be boring, but the Aquafarm serves as both a home for your fish and an herb garden that provides you with delicious, fresh plants. Even better, all you need to do is remember to feed the fish to make everything happen. You see, through aquaponics, the plants use the nutrients from the fish poop to nourish themselves and keep on growing strong. In turn, the plants keep the water clean, so you don't have to.  You get five planters, and seeds to grow wheat grass, lettuce mix, and basil from Seeds of Change. All this for $59.99 from ThinkGeek.

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Good Article!.
Aquaponics is picking up and more people are now getting involved.

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herbal asli herbal asli 2/2/14 1:53 pm

This is good idea, it can inspiring me to create farm and fish in one palce

manherbal manherbal 3/30/14 11:45 am

I like this idea…. cause it’s practical and efficient

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What a great suggestion that you have displayed in your article. Thanks for the great info!

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