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Monday April 25, 2005 4:50 pm

Apple Responds to Tiger BitTorrent Distribution

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Corporate News, Software

Tiger OS X BitTorrent As you can imagine, Apple isn’t too happy about the fact that their latest OS X update, Tiger, is making the rounds on the Internet via BitTorrent. In fact, Apple has had their lawyers send cease and desist letters to a few known torrent distribution sites linking to the 8A428 Tiger release.

“Apple also demands all information related to the identity of the persons who created such torrent files and/or who uploaded the software referenced by those torrent files, as well as the identities of all individuals who participated in the uploading and downloading of Apple’s software.”

Apple says they will not support these illegally obtained versions of the Tiger software - nor will they support those versions that were accidentally shipped out a week early from resellers. My question is, how will they know which version you are using since they don’t have any sort of activation protection?

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They wont. Also dont forget that alot of the BT sites are not in the US, so they dont abide by US laws and never have to.  Plus, BT is just a small percentage of where you can pick up their software. They can threaten all they want, unless the BT site is in the US, they cant touch them. LoL!! Sure they can try with that local government, but most countries have bigger problems on their hands and dont care to much about downloaders.

Well I have to say I don’t feel sorry for them. I am personally kind of pissed to find out that even though I just recently got my mac mini, if I want tiger I have to pay $130 more for it! Should they have given free upgrades to those that bought one of their systems in the last couple months?

But then again look how they screwed people with the new ipod mini and photos. I can’t imagine how pissed I would be if I just bought a $500 ipod photo the day before they changed the pricing.

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