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Wednesday June 29, 2005 8:07 pm

Apple Patents Notebook With Integrated iPod mini

Apples iPod mini Notebook

According to Patent Application 20040224638, Apple may be on the path to bringing out its most unique portable computer to date. The notebook would allow for an iPod mini to double as the touch pad. The patent also talks about integrating higher RF signals into the notebook from within the cell phone range. I must say, while it looks interesting - it seems a bit “toy-ish” to me to have a pink iPod mini sitting in my silver PowerBook. Then again, who are we to judge? Nowadays everything that Apple touches turns to gold.

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Roll in the dough from the stoopid mac freaks.  Is apple gonna run everything from the ipod? Nothing like a super slow ipod mini hdd to run your apps! And if you want faster, well then, stoopid has to buy another ipod with a faster hdd, no? This has got to be the dumbest invention ever.

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