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Tuesday April 5, 2005 3:20 am

Apple iPod Camera Connector Reviewed

Apple iPod Camera AdapterThe Apple iPod Camera Connector seems like a must have for any iPod photo owner who uses a digital camera, but is it as good as it sounds? iPod Lounge set to find out, and put the device to the test. Good news is that it does just what it is meant to do – transfers pictures from a compatible digital camera to an iPod photo. However, its slow speed and the fact that full computer sync is required before a slide show is viewed are just a couple of its annoyances. Check the review, then decide if it’s worth your $29.95.

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I got one and do like it. It does what it is supposed to and did a good job moving the images from my cybershot to my photo ipod. Sure it was a little slow but it did the job.

The most annoying thing for me was that I couldn’t just hook up the usb directly from my ipod to my camera…but that is Sonys’ fault since they decided to make the port on the camera non-usb so you have to connect the other end of the cord to the camera dock, dock the camera then transfer….which kind of defeats the purpose and requires you to carry you the camera dock to be able to do the transfers.

Anyone know of an adapter that will convert the sony cybershot plug into a usb port? Sony can be annoying when the don’t follow standards and always try to set them.

Hey Sanji,

May be a dumb question, but you did update your ipod photo using the updater to version 1.1 right? The ipod photo doesn’t naturally have support for the connector and you have to update your software firsrt.

If you have then I have no idea what else could be wrong…

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