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Wednesday January 22, 2014 12:03 am

Apple now repairing iPhone 5c displays in-store

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Apple, Cell Phones, Handhelds

iPhone 5c display replacement

If you happen to drop your iPhone 5c and break the display, it'll cost a lot less to get a replacement now that Apple is offering in-store repairs. Yesterday the company announced that it would fix iPhone 5c displays at Apple Stores for $149 a pop--sure, that's expensive, but before this is was $229, $80 more. Of course, if you're an AppleCare+ customer, this doesn't apply to you since you get the much cheaper $50 replacement option. We see way too many people out in the wild rocking smartphones with shattered displays, so hopefully moves like this where repairs get more affordable, can make it easier for consumers to get their colorful iPhones repaired.

You can pick up the iPhone 5c for $99 with tw-year contract.

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Mark Keyes Mark Keyes 1/22/14 5:43 pm

The information in this article is inaccurate. Screen replacement is $149 as stated. But whole unit replacement is $269 not $229 and AppleCare Plus costs are $79 not $49. This includes screen replacement or whole unit replacement if the screen cannot be replaced. This is clearly defined in Apples support site and I would think that as a journalist you are more responsible to quote the accurate informations. Oh wait, what am I talking about, since when have journalists been accurate with their information.

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