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Monday March 4, 2013 2:47 pm

Does Apple have an iWatch under its sleeve in 2013?

Posted by Jason Diaz Categories: Apple, Wearables, Rumors

Apple iWatch Concept

It is highly speculated that 2013 is the year that Apple's Tim Cook, or Phil Schiller, will walk on stage at an Apple event rocking something special under his sleeve. Something that you quite possibly couldn't live without. An iWatch.

Rumors are at an all-time high as speculation that Apple is getting serious about getting into the nascent smart wristwatch game, taking on the likes of upstart Cookoo watch and the KickStarter funded Pebble smart watch. Many agree that smart wearable computing is the way of the future. For instance, companies have given their take on wearable computers like, Nike's FuelBand, Jawbone's Up, Fitbit's activity trackers and, most recently, Google Glass. Perhaps, Apple can make them all obsolete with the iWatch. Bloomberg has written a fairly ridiculous essay as to why it might be more lucrative and, more likely, in Apple's best interest to ship an iWatch first rather than an iTV television set.

I'd assume that Tim Cook would take the better risk of cementing his legacy, and shutting up the critics, that he too can lead Apple well into the future. In addition, give birth to a new cutting edge product that sells successfully. The best example to date Post-Steve Job product is the iPad mini, which seemed like a last minute bet from Eddy Cue, Vice President of Internet and Services at Apple. It's not entirely new but it has payed off well for Apple as the iPad mini is surpassing the bigger iPad brethen in sales.

It is rumored that Apple has roughly about 100 product designers lead by the legendary Jony Ive,  Senior Vice President of industrial Design at Apple. That they have been working on the iWatch concept for a while at Apple and it will incorporate a version of iOS. However, it is also rumored that the battery life remains a temporary hurdle. About 79 patent applications are said to accompany the iWatch or iWrist.

As wearable computing heats up, Gear Live asks, what do you see yourself wearing in 2013, Google Glass or an iWatch? 

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