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Friday October 31, 2014 6:25 am

Apple CarPlay, Power Programmers and Making Your Ride Zombie Proof

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Smartphones, Transportation

Apple CarPlay zombies

The following article is a sponsored post by AutoAnything.

When the undead rise up and take to the streets, it will already be too late for you to upgrade your vehicle’s power and efficiency. So, while the zombies are still safely nestled in their graves, it’s time to think about how to prepare your vehicle for escape.

Ask yourself: can your car tell you where you need to go and get you there in the fastest and most efficient way possible? Can you control your in-cabin features without taking your hands off the wheel? Chances are you answered no. Fear not, fellow future zombie heroes! We have technology on our side, and with the brains of Apple CarPlay and the brawn of a power programmer, our vehicles can be completely zombie-proof in no time.

Apple CarPlay: Beating Zombies One Voice Control at a Time
The greatest Apple product since the last Apple product, Apple CarPlay is a no-brainer when it comes to evading the undead. With its many convenient features, like voice-controlled stereo, texting, calling and even navigation, you can easily keep in touch with friends and family, locate your safe-zone destination and crank up the tunes to drown out those dreadful moans coming from the herd of zombies behind you.

Just replace your weak, worthless stock car radio with a sleek, Apple CarPlay compatible radio, download the CarPlay software, connect the two and you have everything you need for total cabin control right at your finger…er, voice command.

Power Programmers: Maximizing Power and MPG for Maximum Zombie Overpowering
Power programmers, also known as performance chips and tuners, plug into your vehicle’s engine computer. They rework the factory software to run either with more horsepower and torque, or with more efficient fuel economy so you have an added edge against the walking dead.

With that newfound power comes speedier acceleration – so you can obliterate a zombie 3 seconds after hitting the gas, rather than 3.5 seconds. And, with a few more miles squeezed out of every gallon, you can cruise for longer on one tank – opening up even more distance between you and the zombies before you have to refuel.

But with all the power programmer options, we found ourselves debating which programmer is best for this post-apocalyptic new world. While the debate remains open, here are a few great options, each packed with its own unique way of beating the soulless hoards.

DiabloSport Trinity T-1000 Programmer
Survival tip: Use the performance tune for faster acceleration when smashing through a nearby zombie throng or escaping an overrun building.  Use the economy tune to drive for longer on one tank of gas.

Bonus: Racing mode lets you see 0-60, 0-100 and ¼ mile times – so you always know exactly how much time you need to get out of biting range.

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner (49-State Legal)
If you’re rolling diesel, a Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner helps you plow your way through mounds of zombies, with horsepower gains of up to 120 HP. Gas trucks aren’t left in the cold, either – you can expect up to 42 HP gains.

SCT iTSX Wireless OBD-II Interface
The SCT iTSX Wireless OBD-II lets you beef up your power, diagnose problems and monitor your performance stats directly from the SCT iTSX iPhone or iPad app – the same device you’re using to coordinate your allies’ rooftop escape into your truck bed or sun roof via CarPlay.

Hypertech Max Energy Programmer
The Hypertech Max Energy Programmer helps you arm your vehicle to the teeth.  Tow your entire arsenal and rations, up to 10,000 lbs., without losing pep. Or, correct your odometer and speedometer for tires up to 54”, so you and your supplies can roll through the zombie apocalypse with ease.

Diablo Sport inTune I-1000 Tuner
We’ve talked a lot about power gains to your vehicle’s performance.  But what if your tuner jams up or can’t install a new tune fast enough? The zombies are sure to keep you on your toes, needing different tunes for different scenarios – so versatility is a necessity.  The Diablo Sport inTune I-1000 Tuner offers raw computing power running twin 32-bit processors and is loaded with 1GB of memory, so it can hold a nearly limitless array of tunes.  If versatility and computing power are your must-haves, you can bet your life on the inTune I1000.

Edge CTS Evolution Programmer
The Edge CTS Evolution programmer comes loaded with options for mileage, towing, performance and myriads of stats like RPM, PHM, EGT, G-forces and live horsepower & torque levels.  But it also comes in camo.  Which raises the question: does camouflage work on zombies?

Superchips Flashpaq Tuner
The Superchips Flashpaq tuner is easy to update on-the-fly, so you can change your tune faster than the zombies change theirs.  It boosts performance, lets you modify factory-installed speed limiters (on some vehicles), rev limits and tire size.  And, it’s compatible with 87 octane, so you can save money at the pump while escaping from the undead.

Regardless of which options fit your escape plan best, don’t wait until it’s too late – make sure your vehicle is equipped and zombie-proof before the apocalypse. Apple CarPlay and power programmers plug right into your vehicle and help you get the most out of your ride. The best part? They aren’t available to zombies – so only you have the advantage.

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