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Wednesday February 9, 2005 6:08 pm

AOL Web Browser Beta

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DescriptionAs if we did not have enough browsers to choose from, AOL has launched itself into the mix with its new web browser. Based off of Internet Explorer, the browser includes many features such as tabbed browsing, AOL Channels, and AOL Desktop Search. I for one plan on sticking with Firefox, but those looking for tabbed browsing in an IE environment may find this useful. Our initial tests show that the browser is ridiculously slow.

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Slow, eh? Bah! I could live without this browser. I installed Opera on another computer of mine just yesterday to test it out. It seems good so far, but I really hate that ad thing!

I don’t see this browser becoming too popular… unless it has awesome advertising methods..? I know the “up-to-par” Internet user definitely would use this browser LOL Wonder how the rest of the public will react to it though

Anything dealing with AOL sucks. =P Overpriced even for dialup and their customer service sucks nuts

Oops, I made a typo. That’s supposed to read “definitely WOULDN’T use this browser”  red face

AOL sucks… period

AOl sucks

Well, its AOL. strike 1. its based off IE. for me, that’s strike 2 and 3. I’d expect this browser to crash and burn in the next month. If it makes it that far.

Why base your browser off one that is a resource hog, lacks security, and plain out sucks?  I might of given it some sort of consideration if it was based off firefox. too bad.

I’m, without a doubt, going to avoid this one like the plague.  I haven’t used IE in nearly two years, and I’m sure as hell am not going to use an AOL version of it.

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