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Thursday March 16, 2006 2:42 pm

AlphaGrip - Rethinking the Keyboard

Posted by Kristin Wenzel Categories: Misc. Tech, Peripherals

AlphaGripIs the AlphaGrip a controller?  Nope - it’s a keyboard.  The standard QWERTY keyboard layout we have today was invented in 1874, due to the high rate of mechanical failure of manual typewriters when the keyboard was laid out in a standard ABC layout.  Since keyboards have become commonplace, and no longer face the same difficulty typewriters do, a number of new layouts (most notably, the Dvorak layout) have been tried, but in general, with a few exceptions, the keyboard has remained the same.

No longer!  AlphaGrip has reinvented the keyboard.

The AG-5 interfaces with computers via a single removable USB cable. It uses a simple chord-like keyboarding model and an integrated trackball to provide complete keyboard and mouse functionality in a unique form factor that looks a bit like a console gaming controller.

The learning curve on this one is probably pretty steep, but with the popularity and familarity of console gaming controllers, could it be the next generation keyboard?

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