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Friday July 20, 2012 11:58 am

Alfred 1.3 brings Quick Look, File Buffer

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Apple, PC / Laptop, Software

Alfred 1.3

Another major update to another one of our favorite pieces of software. This time, it's Alfred, the app launcher on steroids. Alfred 1.3 brings a ton of new features and functionality into the mix. We've got the full breakdown after the jump, but the two major features are the File Buffer and Quick Look. You can now use OS X Quick Look within Alfred results to preview the contents of files, while the File Buffer allows you to select multiple files that you'd like to work with through your Alfred commands. Alfred is free, and has a paid add-on called the Power Pack that brings with it a bunch of extra functionality.

New Features / Improvements

Quick Look file based results:

  • Tap the Shift key (or ⌘Y) to view the OS X Quick Look window for the selected result
  • Works in default results and File System navigation
  • Hide preview window with Shift key (or ⌘Y)

Alfred file buffer - "Multi File Select"

  • Buffer view above Alfred input field with mouse-over preview
  • Multiple file selection from Finder Selection
  • Use ⌥ with arrows to interact with the file buffer (instructions in File Buffer preferences)
  • Actions for multiple files such as copy, move, delete, email
  • Configurable expiry of buffer

1Password Improvements:

  • Option to show 1Password bookmarks in default results without '1p' keyword
  • Add additional 1Password keychain discovery logic when using Dropbox
  • Automatically re-cache 1Password data when the 1Password keychain updates
  • Make 1Password matching case insensitive
  • Ignore conflicted dropbox files to prevent duplicates
  • Fix the Tab autocomplete for bookmarks
  • Copy 1Password 1Click URL to the clipboard for the selected item with ⌘C
  • Ability to drop files directly into image wells (e.g. Extensions)
  • Option to show thousands delimiter in calculator output
  • Show all configured matches in default results with scrollbar instead of maximum of 9
  • Option to make Alfred's result text smaller making Alfred feel more compact
  • Option to hide Alfred before showing Large Type (in Appearance > Large Type prefs)
  • Update the 'share' button in the Usage prefs to make it easier to tweet stats
  • Add a new 'quit all' command to quit all running applications
  • Add support for transient data in Clipboard History - Makes Alfred play better with e.g. Text Expander
  • Improved subtext rendering, more clear / readable
  • Update CacheFly CDN distribution links to cname on alfredapp.com
  • Re-enable clipboard history when deactivating / reactivating Powerpack license
  • Place maths calculation result back into the search query by suffixing your query with =
  • Export Alfred UTI types (theme / extension) for better OS integration
  • Remove more OS deprecated code for future proofing
  • Make "Action all items" option to "Action visible items" now Alfred shows loads of results by default
  • Make cmd+return reveal in Finder by default, plus work in file system navigation
  • Defend against rare case insensitive duplicates from the Application Cache
  • Allow Tab through actions panel workflow if Tab set as action modifier
  • Respect the fade in option for Large Type window in Alfred's appearance prefs
  • Support ideographic full stops in URLs (automatically convert them to decimal point)
  • Show the current selected track in iTunes mini player when iTunes is paused
  • Don't show the iTunes track growling (from global hotkeys) when the mini player is visible
  • Launch iTunes in the background when showing the Mini Player and iTunes is not launched (10.7+)
  • Add to knowledge when using Open and Open With actions
  • Update twitter icon to new style
  • Make ebay searcher UTF8
  • Update Google Mail to Gmail now that Gmail is globally used
  • Replace Yahoo Weather with Wunderground (now that Yahoo weather no longer works with URL scheme)
  • Remove bit.ly searcher (no longer works with URL scheme)
  • Option to configure the subject line when emailing files (Features > Email prefs)
  • Improved initial search performance by removing unnecessary pre-checks

Bug Fixes

  • Fix spelling / grammar mistakes in iTunes, Email and Calculator prefs
  • Prevent an odd situation in Global Hotkeys prefs outline view right menu
  • When using a Global Hotkey for web searches, correctly escape newlines
  • Change 'The Netherlands' to 'Netherlands' in Alfred's location prefs
  • Prevent stack log error when double clicking empty space in Custom Searches table
  • Fix potential nil string in Clipboard Merging from halting Clipboard History
  • Hidden option around memory leak in OS X 10.7.4 (if people ask for this)
  • More reliable key tap rejection to prevent false action / quick view activation
  • Better invalidation of window shadow on size change
  • More defensive code against large query strings and invalid metadata
  • View the change log on the Alfred website to see older versions.

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