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Thursday February 2, 2012 4:32 pm

Acura, Cadillac, Honda, and Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial sneak peeks

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It’s that time of the year where we can freely get down on junk food, trash talk, and look forward to the commercials just as much as the big game. We're talking about the Super Bowl (oh, and don't forget to enter our Big Game Giveaway!) Each year millions upon millions are dumped on commercials for mere marketing purposes.

Without a doubt, Volkswagen had one of the most successful commercials last year (see video after the jump to jog your memory) and is aiming to repeat its success again this year staying with the Star Wars theme. However, Volkswagen is not the only one fighting for airtime during the big game. Honda, Acura, and Cadillac have aired their Super Bowl commercials early this year and I want to focus your attention on the creativity of the ads.

Manufacturers know that millions will be watching the game on the 5th, and one would think that they would put effort into creating an entertaining commercial. Well one would think, but that’s not always the case. Let’s take a look at the Cadillac ATS spot, above.

Of the leaked commercials, I find this one the blandish of them all. It’s nice and all that the car can beat a BMW 3 Series. It’s nice that an American car can go around a German track and actually turn; all these things are nice, well splendid if you’re a Cadillac fanatic, but to the average viewer who cares?! What is this commercial really saying? If they wanted to complete with BMW, instead of talking of what the ATS can do, show it! Put some thought process behind your ads to get the consumer excited! Bring back some good old rubber roasting power and continue building the culture American cars started.

There’s a new comer to Super Bowl ads this year, well two—Acura and Honda. They take a different spin on things. Acura is starting to build hype around their legendary NSX, with the help of Jerry Signified and Jay Leno. Honda on the other hand revisits a classic by recreating Ferris Bueller Day Off with Matthew Broderick. Both commercials engage the viewer while building product familiarity.


And finally we have a teaser for Volkswagen’s new commercial, along with last year's success. Though I’m not sure how the final cut looks like, but it’s sure to please any Jedi.

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