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Tuesday January 18, 2005 12:45 pm

A Solution For Noisy Cellphone Users

Posted by Hector Martinez Categories: Cell Phones

Shhh CardYou know the situation: You’re riding on a bus or waiting for your dinner at a restaurant, and you hear an entire conversation you have no interest in.  Why do people feel they need to talk so much louder on their cellphones?  While we ponder the answers, a couple of designers from the Society of Handheld Hushing (SHHH!) put together a solution that’s starting to catch on.  Basically, it’s a series of cards you can print out and hand to the gabber when they’re starting to get on your nerves.  They’re free, and feature comments like “The rest of us don’t care what he/she said to you” and “The world is a noisy place.  You aren’t helping things.”  You can download the pdf file here.

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lol this idea is kinda of stupid imo. why waste yur time looking 4 the card. just go up to their face and ask them to lower their voice.

Yeah, forget the cards.  Just sit next to them, call your friend, and start talking louder than they are.  Yeah yeah… two wrongs don’t make a right, but oh well =D it would be fun to do.

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