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Wednesday April 27, 2005 1:31 pm

7-Inch Tablet PC Prototype at WinHec

WinHec Tablet PCIt’s obvious that our gadgets are going to continue to get smaller, as ultraportability is what we are all about these days. Yesterday at WinHec, Bill Gates showed off a prototype of a new tablet PC which was only 7 inches diagonal. I am not too sure about this one, as tablet PC’s haven’t really taken off, and other ultraportable tiny PC’s haven’t really made a large dent in the market either. The thought behind this is that Microsoft thinks it would be nice to have a portable PC that would be able to act as a music/video player, email device, Internet browser, and also control different aspects of the home while including integrated WiFi and Bluetooth.

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looks pretty cool but the only way it would take off is if they could really really bring down the pricepoint. My guess is if they could get them out there for less than $400 they would sell like crazy.

But of course with new tech it is hard to sell for cheap. Oh and of course it is bill who is scraping for leftovers to feed his family as it is heheh.

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