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Saturday August 20, 2005 3:59 am

64% of Brits Are Ignorant About Spyware

Posted by Alex Grahmann Categories: Internet

Spyware BritianAccording to a recent survey by Blue Coast Systems, only 36% of British people have any idea what is meant by the term “spyware.”  Of those surveyed, only 30% use software to check their office computers for spyware, and only 22% check their home computers.  Even more frightening than any impact this might have on computer systems in the UK is the additional finding that 11% of those polled thought, and I am not making this up, that spyware was “a gadget from the latest Star Wars movie.”  I’m honestly not sure why this response was so popular, but if 11% of the British are running programs to stop any aspect of the Star Wars prequels, I say more power to them.

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64% of Brits Are Ignorant. Id just leave it at that. hehe.

Yes, yes you are.

no, wait, i didnt say that.

Yes you did! Those basturds made me do it!

WTF, mate. ohh

Hehe, the mods are playing with my user name.  Yes, I’m crazy, but not insane!

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