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Thursday July 28, 2011 8:02 pm

We’re giving away 50 Spotify invites - win one here!

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Features, Internet, Music

spotify invites

Spotify launched in the US last week to much fanfare, but the problem is that it's currently an invite-only service if you wanna use the free music streaming part of it. If you've been crestfallen while watching your friends get their jam on while you've been left out, there's hope! We've got fifty (that's 5-0) Spotify invites to hand out, and we're hooking our Twitter followers up. Do you wanna win one? Of course! Here's how:

We'll DM the first 50 people who get that tweet out there with a Spotify invite code, so watch your inboxes!

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That’s a great news for us…

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I was part of the pre-beta a couple of years ago (in Sweden). It was huge already back then, unfortunately once it went live they had to start taking artists and albums out of the catalog due to the record labels’ old self-defeating rules and regulations. It’s still a great product though and well worth trying out. Not an iTunes killer but a good complement.

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