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Tuesday March 21, 2006 6:49 pm

12-Foot Wide GPS Wall Clock

Posted by John Goulden Categories: GPS, Mods / Hacks

12-Foot Wide Clock

Timepieces can be fascinating objects, and they come in an enormous range of styles, sizes, shapes and methods for keeping time.  Nixie clocks are quite popular, and Persistence of Vision (POV) clocks certainly have their place, but the crew over at Spark Fun Electronics just had to have something bigger.  As in

12-foot wide

bigger.  Using a series of green LED strips, some Ethernet cable, and vast amounts of styrofoam and hot glue, they created a glowing green behemoth that is near impossible to miss.  Connected to a GPS, the clock is able to set itself and even keeps perfect time (within 100 nanoseconds). 

A tutorial is available should you feel the urge to follow in their footsteps, but be sure to set aside a few days (at a minimum) for the project.

Read More | Spark Fun Electronics via Gearlog

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