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If you have limited knowledge of HTML, the chances are good that you won’t be able to open up Wordpad and code a terrific website. If you are going to run a business on the Internet, it is good to at least get your feet wet when it comes to web design. One very easy way of doing this is to use a WYSIWYG web editor. WYSIWYG stands for “What You See Is What You Get” and is pronounced “wizzy-wig”. Using a WYSIWYG editor allows you to see how your page will look to visitors over the Internet as you design it. You have formatting toolbars that can play with text, images, and forms with just a few clicks instead of having to remember HTML tags. If you want to take simple web design for a spin, check out Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, or Adobe GoLive. If you want something free, check out XStandard.


Xbox 360 Revealed

Hurray for MTV! So, instead of watching the rest of the Miami Heat VS Washington Wizards game, I decided to give MTV the benefit of the doubt.  They’re working with Microsoft—masters of marketing.  Look at all their products and sales, they know how to sell hardware and software.  Little did I know that the Xbox team must not have watched the final cut. To say the show was terrible is giving it too much credit.  Uselss tidbits like a “live” band and a girl strutting through a large crowd only to show the console for 3 seconds, are satonishing.  For a program that should have been about the new console, very little of the console or games were shown.  Maybe 3 minutes of gameplay, and 3 minutes of console. The “Box” looks impressive, not as stunning as the PS2, but that design looks boring now.  Customization, wireless, absurd amounts of processing power, all very nice.  Lax developers are not good.  Tiger Woods looks like it was built from the ground up on the current Xbox - no thanks EA.

Evil Dead

There has been an interesting relationship between video games and movies. There have been throngs of games based on movies and a few movies based on games. Even fewer is games based on movies that are worth playing and movies based on games that are worth watching. Since you can watch DVDs on a PS2, Xbox, Xbox360 and Playstation 3 I thought it would be nice to whip up a list of fifteen recommended movies for gamers. Some of these may require you to call around until you find a l33t video store that stocks said movie but it would be well worth it. Let’s begin shall we?

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Latest Gear Live Videos

Wireless Nintendo DS E3 According to Nintendo, anyone that brings a Nintendo DS will be able to download game demo, video content, and other tidbits at the show. This just means that there will be less lines for us to have to wait in at the show:

Don’t forget to bring your Nintendo DS™ system to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles next week. The massive Nintendo booth will feature an area dedicated to DS Download Play. Visitors can try out sample versions of Nintendo games delivered wirelessly, video content – and a few surprises. Be sure to check it out.

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Nintendo DS E3 This was on Nintendo’s press site this morning:

Don’t forget to bring your Nintendo DS™ system to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles next week. The massive Nintendo booth will feature an area dedicated to DS Download Play. Visitors can try out sample versions of Nintendo games delivered wirelessly, video content – and a few surprises. Be sure to check it out.

This will essentially allow anyone with a Nintendo DS on them to avoid many of the lines to play the new Nintendo DS titles. This is a very strategic move on Nintendo’s part. I am going to eat this up.

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DescriptionAirBase, the latest innovation fron Griffin, makes owning an AirPort Express a little more convenient.  With a weighted base, cable-management and style in keeping with Apple’s minimalistic modernism, this is sure to make many mac users happy.  As convenient as it is, often plugging your AirPort Express directly into the wall will decrease the effective signal range, since often we have our plugs buried back behind desks and shelves.  Elevating your AirPort base station to the desktop can rid you of that interference and help gain more range and strength of signal, making this something any AirPort Express user should at least take a look at.

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Invincible Powerbook

Most people do not even want to imagine exposing their sensitive electronics to liquid, but when I spilled wine into my powerbook last Autumn, I thought it was done for.  Not to be - the powerbook survived completely intact, no repairs necessary.  What a testament to either Apple’s craftsmanship or my luck - or both.

In an unfortunate fit of clumsiness, I drenched my then two week old powerbook with wine (not just the display but also the internals), drained it, let it dry and it booted up like nothing had ever happened.  I jest, I often call this my “Switch Story” but it really is not, since my involvement with Apple has been more or less lifelong, no real switch involved 😉

The full story is much longer and involved, and looking back, I think it’s funny - though at the time, it was anything but.

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DIY Laser Microphone

This just may be the coolest way to eavesdrop on a conversation. You can now build your own Clear-and-Present-Danger-esque laser microphone using inexpensive materials:

By reflecting any type of laser (with no modification of the emitted light) off of a thin media (like a window plane) the Laser Snooper is to capture the reflected beam. The reflected beam is modulated by the vibrations in the pane from noises on the other side of the window. The receiver detects this modulation and reconstructs the noises and conversations. Also, the device in mind was made with parts that are very cheap and easily obtainable.

How cool is that?

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Without even having flown a spaceship yet, Aera Corp. plans on selling tickets to outer space at $150,000 a pop starting this Thursday. Actually, you can consider it to be a pre-order program, as flights won’t start leaving the ground for another year and a half or so. The company plans to begin testing in August 2006 at Cape Canaveral, and begin commercial flight in December of the same year.

Aera’s tour package would include a week of spaceflight training in the Orlando area and Cape Canaveral, climaxing with a flight aboard the company’s computer-controlled Altairis rocket to a height of more than 80 miles (128 kilometers). At that altitude, passengers would feel a few minutes of weightlessness and glimpse the curvature of the earth below the blackness of space. A parachute system would make for a soft landing at the end of the trip.

Grab your credit card, and hit up AeraSpaceTours.com to reserve your spot. If you want to get on the initial flight, expect to pay at least $250,000 - paid in full. Subsequent trips will be $150,000 and require a 25% deposit.

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Xbox 360

Curiosity, it’s a funny thing. It’s in our nature to want to know more. That’s exactly how MTV’s severely lackluster unveiling leaves us. OurColony.net has your hookup - an Xbox 360 video packed full of details and a glimpse at just what this machine can do. Give it a download as it is time well spent, unlike watching Elijah Woods and Sway aim to excite us about the console.

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