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Bim Bam Banana Ultimate TV BedWho needs to buy a car when that $30,000 can be spent on a bed? The Bim Bam Banana Ultimate TV bed is simply a bed with a 22” LCD screen embedded into it, no pun intended. They describe it as follows:

A super luxury bed that with a single press of the wireless remote, the end of the bed opens and a silent 22’’ flatscreen glides out and you can enjoy your favourite all your favourite programmes. The bed is delivered with in-built, electronic levelling. You are never alone - sweet dreams!

Super luxury? How about I spend $3,000 on a bed with a nice frame, and maybe $3,000 on a super top of the line LCD screen, and save myself…oh…$26,000? Ah, why bother? With this thing what you are really paying for is the convenience.

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The Wave UFO

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Wave UFOMariko Mori’s Wave UFO combines real-time computer graphics and brainwave sensory technology to produce and audio/visual show like no other. Three viewers enter the contraption and are fitted with electrodes to monitor their brain waves. The data gathered is used to produce a one of a kind show:

This information is transformed into visual imagery and projected onto the screen: six undulating bio-amorphous cells represent the left and right lobes of each of the participants’ brains, and a waving line moves in correspondence with blinks and other facial movements. The forms change shape and color in response to three types of brainwaves. Alpha (blue) waves indicate wakeful relaxation, Beta (pink) waves indicate alertness or agitation, and Theta (yellow) waves indicate a dreamlike state. Two cells coming together demonstrate “coherence” between the two lobes of the brain. Mental functions such as thinking in other languages or doing math problems immediately transform the characteristics of the graphics.

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There are dozens of reasons why you should look up the forums that are related to your market and post to them often. Here are 3 to get you started, after the jump.

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Linksys WRTP54GLinksys (Cisco) and Vonage have announced a deal that allows those who currently own a router of any type to get a new WRTP54G combo 802.11g router/switch/hub/TA if they sign up for a new Vonage VOIP account. The router drops the black and blue Linksys look in exchange for the more modern silver style seen in the WRT54GX Pre-N MIMO router. While it looks good on paper, there are a couple of things you should know. First, this only works on Vonage for now - so if you get this router, you shouldn’t expect the ability to switch VOIP providers and maintain its usability. The other thing is that it can take up to three mail in rebates before the router is actually considered free.

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iTunes per iPod

While talking with Tiffiniy Cheng of Participatory Culture earlier today for our next Gear Live Podcast, she mentioned the website put out by them called iTunes Per iPod. Essentially, it aims to show that while many people walk around with iPods filled to the brim with their favorite tracks, barely any of them are from the iTunes Music Store. Granted, the data is a bit outdated as it is from April 2004, I think it is safe to say that the data probably hasn’t changed all that much. Based on their calculations, in April 2004, if you divided the number of songs sold on iTunes by the number of iPods out there, you would find an average of 21 iTunes songs per iPod. Now I understand that many people rip CD’s that they have purchased legally to their computers as well, and this accounts for a percentage of the music on iPods - but I will go out on a limb and say that is a small percentage as well. Gotta love Bittorrent.

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HitchTake some dating lessons from Will Smith in this week’s DVD and UMD release of Hitch.  The story of an ordinary guy who sets out to learn the ins and outs of the dating game to help nice guys get the girl. This one is sure to entertain you and make you laugh – who knows maybe even pick up a few tips. Be sure to pick this one up with this weekend along with one of your favorite TV on DVD series.


Did you know that while most startups fail, a major corporation is more likely to hire someone who pioneered a failed startup over someone who has had a successful corporate entry-level career? Starting your own company is obviously a huge risk, but with that risk comes the possibility of great reward. A large company could purchase your venture, making you a nice profit. It could tank, but you are now smarter and more marketable to companies - or it is a success and you reap the reward. Check out this article which takes a look at an excellent point of view as to why Internet startups are a fantastic idea, and how regardless of the outcome, you will come out better for it.

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If you are a blogger, or plan on getting into blogging, check out this guide recently put out by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It details all of the legal aspects of blogging, and gives you an idea of how to go about posting certain information or stories.

The difference between you and the reporter at your local newspaper is that in many cases, you may not have the benefit of training or resources to help you determine whether what you’re doing is legal. And on top of that, sometimes knowing the law doesn’t help - in many cases it was written for traditional journalists, and the courts haven’t yet decided how it applies to bloggers.

They have information on all sorts of different aspects of blogging as journalism - from securing press passes, to printing information deemed as confidential. It is definitely worth a look.

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PSP Black charger accessories

Aww yeah, Sony is finally getting down with the fact that they sell a portable video game device, and not an iPod. Proof? Well, they are about to drop black earbuds and a black remote control on the PSP accessory scene. If you remember, we complained about the white accessories when we told you about all the PSP’s negatives. Also, they will soon be releasing an external battery charger. Obviously, it isn’t practical to remove the PSP battery whenever you want to recharge it, but it looks like a nice place to keep a spare juiced. Look for both items soon.

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Bart Milhouse Lego Statue

When you have a bunch of mustard yellow LEGO bricks and a bunch of time on your hands, what do you get? Apparently, life-size statues of two of America’s pop culture favorites - Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten. The artist says that the statues weigh about 30 pounds - that’s a lot of LEGO. Milhouse even got a change of clothes since “Milhouse Blue” was unavailable. These things are so cool that they refuse to even look at the camera.

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