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At , we caught up with Sling Media, who gave us a look at their Sling Touch Control 100 remote control, which they see as the next generation in controlling your TV programming and home theater. The remote incorporates the SlingGuide interface, and you can even manage DVR content without disturbing television viewing. The Sling Touch Control 100 has a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, and a 480x272 resolution.

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iPhone OS 3.2 Beta 3

Hey, all you and potential developers out there, you may want to hit up that Apple Developer Portal, seeing as they’ve just released beta 3 of the iPhone 3.2 OS SDK. We are hearing that one key addition is an easy way to update current iPhone apps to “include the necessary files to support” iPad right out of the gate. Fancy.

Apple recently changed directions just a bit with the commercials, which now feature voices of people in different roles talking about the apps they use during certain experiences. Case in point, the latest ad, titled ‘Family Travel.’ It’s got a mom talking about using various apps to check flight status, check in right on the iPHone 3GS, watch movies, and even turn off the lights at home, remotely. Good approach, wouldn’t you say?

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YouTube IE6

Internet Explorer 6 needs to die, and anyone sensible will agree with that statement. That’s why we are big fans of the major web publishers that are doing their part to hasten that demise, like that Google is doing with YouTube on March 13th. According to them:

Support stops on March 13th. Stopped support essentially means that some future features on YouTube will be rolled out that won’t work in older browsers.

In the image above, you see that YouTube now features instructions on how to upgrade to a more modern (and more competent) web browser when they detect you are using an older browser, like IE6. Also, it’s not just YouTube that Google is doing this with, as IE6 support for Google Docs and Google Sites ends on March 1 as well.

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Jonathan Ross Project Natal

Long-tenured UK TV host Jonathan Ross was able to give the upcoming Xbox 360 motion gaming add-on, , a try. Aside from the hint of jealousy he left us all with, he also tweeted out an interesting tidbit of information on his Twitter account, which in a nutshell says that he feels that Natal has potential, and that Microsoft has until October to get it right. So the obvious question is, does that imply that Natal gets an October launch (which does fit in with the holiday 2010 launch period)? Or does it mean it has to all be done so they can start packing and shipping devices for launch in early November? I’m sure everything will be made clear in a couple of months at .

Hit the break for a video of Jonathan giving Project Natal a try.

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Stan LeeNot everybody who’s part of the comic book industry is writing, drawing, coloring, lettering or editing or blogging about writing, drawing, coloring, lettering or editing. There’s plenty of room for lawyers and accountants and guys who drive the trucks for Diamond Comic Distributors (and those guys are essential). But now there’s also an opportunity for anyone who can tap out a tune on a keytar, slap a bow on a violin or a blow a French horn.

I didn’t know this, or if I did, I’d forgotten it, but there’s apparently a Stan Lee documentary in the works called With Great Power. I believe this is different from the one called True Believer: The Stan Lee Documentary.

The folks behind the With Great Power doc are putting together “talented score musicians” which, unfortunately, are not guitar players who know how to make women pay their rent, but skilled musicians who want to be in the orchestra that’s scoring the film.

If you’re “skilled at your craft, non-union and can sight-read” and want to be part of the 90-piece non-union mighty marching band, I mean orchestra, currently being assembled for a 1-day session in mid-March over at the Warner Brothers’ Eastwood Stage, then some producers would like to hear from you – by email first, then they’ll listen to your pulse-pounding tuba triumph .

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