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The recently founded Radical Comics has quickly become known for their mythological updated stories with beautifully painted artwork.  Among one of their flagship books was Caliber: First Canon Of Justice, an adaptation of Arthurian myth and legend set in the Wild West.  The five issue mini-series is now available as a hardcover collected volume graphic novel from Radical Comics.

In Caliber, vicious Cossacks are causing an uprising between the local Indian tribes and civilians so they can seize control.  A half-Native American/Frenchman by the name of Jean Michel or “Whitefeather” (this story’s Merlin) foresees the carnage, and sees that a man must wield the weapon Excaliber to bring peace, justice, and law to the land.  This version of Excaliber though is no sword, but rather a gun that needs no bullets, but blasts with the power in the hands of a true soldier of justice.  The young Arthur’s father is a leader in the army, but a Cossack conspiracy leads to the death of Arthur’s father, and Whitefeather goes into reclusivity until Excaliber’s true owner emerges.


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In a time when comic book prices are high, you may feel the need to cut down on your weekly comic book spending; but that doesn’t mean you have to cut down on your weekly comic book reading. There are comic book artists who have their work available online for your visual enjoyment.

The Shiga Books website refers to artist Jason Shiga who won the 2004 Eisner award for “Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition”.  The site not only highlights Shiga’s work, but also links the reader up with some of Jason’s favorite web comics.

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