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PunchOut Interface

If you dug the old NES game PunchOut, then you will surely like “kirton’s” interface. He took a foam filled bag with impact sensors then wired them to a PC game pad. This transfers the impact of the game through an NES emulator. The software also includes visual feedback as the sprite turns pink when hit and an LED indicator flashes. Eventually, he wants to include a strobe light to emulate character disorientation when punched. You can get all the details on Instructables.


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Super Obama World

What better way to celebrate Barack Obama’s becoming the President-elect than with a round or two of Super Obama World? Played similarly to Super Mario, the ZenSoft game features pigs and flags and John Phillip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever. The game is free for all and if you are a hardcore Barack/Mario fan, there are t-shirts to go with them. Creators Robert Sundling & William Jacobson will be releasing additional levels that will include Arizona, Illinois and D.C.

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WALL-E Gamecube mod

Allow us to introduce you to what just might be the cutest case mod we’ve ever seen - a GameCube made to look like WALL-E. We are sure this was no easy feat, what with the usage of acrylic paint, metal, plastic, and even plexiglass. If you haven’t heard, WALL-E is the star of the next film, WALL-E. Yeah, we know. Anyhow, the little robot was cute enough in the movie’s trailer - even more so in GameCube form. We knew ‘s little-box-that-could still had some sort of value left in it.

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Latest Gear Live Videos

PlayStation Portable redesign box

I’m going to come right out and say it: I’m coming away from Sony’s presentation more impressed than I was either Nintendo’s or Microsoft’s. They were very straightforward and showed exactly what we all wanted to see: the games.

In fact, this was one of the more impressive E3 press conferences in recent memory – check inside to find out why.

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Yes, 100 percent less Andy this episode, as he’s in L.A. for a CoD4 event. Instead, Edie and Hawkes cover the week’s gaming news and go off on wild tangents. On the plus side, this episode may be Andy-free, but it has 100 percent MORE of Hawkes’ cat.

Topics discussed:

- The unusually large amount of games released this week, including The Darkness and The Bigs.

- Toys ‘R Us is holding a 3-for-2 sale on Nintendo DS games until this Saturday. U Bai Now!

- Microsoft sues Immersion back. If you can’t take it, don’t deal it!

- New York Times reporter plays Manhunt 2 and deems it less violent than R-rated horror movies. Hypocracy much?

- The new Hitman movie trailer… and yes, we blew it. It’s Agent 47. Stoopid internets.

- Square Enix says on one hand that it’s not releasing any games for PS3 until April 2008 at the very earliest. Then it says, baby, I’m sorry. The PS3 really is the only console it could ever love. Why does watching these two feel like family-night at Ike and Tina Turner’s place.

- A group of psychologists want to label video games as an addictive substance. Someone’s been sucking on the lead popsicles again….

- Larry Flint had hoped to fire the entire staff of Tips and Tricks magazine while they were all at E3. Too bad he fired the freelancers a week early and they told the staff. Don’t you hate when being a nice guy blows a really great evil plan? And isn’t it ironic that the guy who built his empire on other people s*cking c*ocks turns out to the the biggest c*cks*ucker of them all?

- Shadowrun for Vista has been cracked to run on XP. And there was much rejoicing. (yaaay!)

- Lyndon LaRouch, notorious conspiracy theorist and gay hater, and his merry band of crazy geezers are ticked because the final report on the Virginia Tech massacre doesn’t mention video games—despite the fact there’s been no evidence the shooter ever played games. LaRouch figures it’s… wait for it… A CONSPIRACY!!
Ed. Note: Edie apologizes to for mistaking LaRouche as a guy who was notorious for anti-gay legislation. Actually, he is the freak who tried to get anti-gay legislation passed by California voters back in the 1980s that would have quarentined gays to prevent AIDS. I knew he smelled crazy…

- The 100th episode of Red vs. Blue! Gratz, guys!

Off-topic hits include Paris Hilton, porn (again), the iPhone, how to properly prepare for a night of binge drinking, Andy’s impending move, and… did we mention Hawkes’ cat?

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Gamer Andy LiveHi there folks, Andy here of GamerAndy Live! As the new kid on the block here at PlayFeed and Gear Live, I’m happy to be bring you episode 78 of our little exodus into the gaming stratosphere.  Along the way you’ll be bumrushed by by the astral maurader known as “Edie” and the cosmic butt-pirate called George.  Our topics are many and varied.  Our methods are uncoventional.  Our show is Uncensored. Very uncensored.

If you’re new to the show, then don’t let talk of the Bloodthirsty Macarena(tm) throw you off - Listen in for a few shows and you’ll be able to proudly claim “I am the master of Chapple Banditry!” along with our Hardcores currently residing in the forums

With that said, I’m warning you right now Big spoiler in this episode - NAZIS LOSE!


In the GamerAndy Live! Mailbag:

  • What the hell is Tom Clancy’s End Wars?
  • Any news on Fable 2?
  • Mass Effect delayed?
  • What do you think about the Silent Hill 5 interview?
  • Is the market ready for the next big MMORPG? Yes. Is it Lord of the Rings Online? No.
  • Sony Online Entertainment nukes accounts of lazy Star Wars Galaxies players
  • Kane and Lynch, Crossfire not XBox 360 exclusives anymore
  • 80GB PS3 Rumor

Everybody loves Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles...

Wiikey Nintendo of Europe issued a warning today, reminding Wii gamers against the dangers of using mod chips in their consoles. Nintendo’s terse warning reminds users that opening the console will void their warranty, potentially damage the console, and are considered illegal in many parts of the world. We’ve seen Nintendo go after resellers of “backup” devices before as well as developers of the flash memory cartridges for their handhelds. This warning, though, goes to end users – possibly the proliferation of chips for the Wii is driving this, or there may be gamers that are trying to get Wii consoles fixed after a US Super Paper Mario bricked their PAL console. At any rate, these warnings will fall on deaf ears in the modding community and will only make more users aware of the technology.

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PS3 Pelican Cooler Pic

IGN.com has got the first pics of the upcoming Air Flow Cooler for PS3, by Pelican, and it’s looking like a nice, unobtrusive peripheral for those that want to keep your PS3 extra cool. While I haven’t heard too many reports of overheating PS3’s, IGN claims to have gotten warnings about console temperatures during Blu-Ray playback, so we’ll take their word for it.

The PS3 Air Flow Cooler by Pelican will feature the same slick lines as the console itself, comes with it’s own AC adaptor (BOOO! There goes another outlet.), and uses so-called “Auto Thermo Sensing Technology” to regulate the fan speeds. We’re guessing that last one means it has some sort of thermometer built-in. The item looks nice enough… the only disadvantage I can see is taking up extra height for those of you that keep your PS3 standin’ tall. Of course, if you’ve got a PS3, space for game consoles probably isn’t of concern anyway (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). The cooler will be released in the “next few weeks” and retail for around $30 - not a bad investment considering that it may help your $600 console last a lot longer.

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Xbox 360 Thumboard

If you were wondering when Microsoft would recant on their position and re-introduce the era of gargantuan controllers, you’re in luck. No, MS won’t be releasing a larger controller for the Xbox 360, but they WILL be releasing this mini-keyboard that attaches to the bottom of your current 360 controller, increasing its button-count to above-Lynx size!

As previously speculated, the keyboard attachment will allow for easier text-messaging via Windows Live Messenger and will feature fancy-schmancy back-lighting. We’re wondering (but not getting our hopes up) whether a web browser can be far off. The release date is “summer 2007”, with no price set yet. Hopefully it won’t follow the ridiculous pricing of the wireless adaptor. And hey while we’re at it, given how l33t this thing looks, maybe it should be included with the Elite 360 (hint hint!). I know, it’ll never happen…but a boy can dream, can’t he?

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DS Lite Swarovski-fied

Don’t get me wrong - if I wanted to spend a chunk of change on some bling, a Swarovski-encrusted DS lite might be towards the top of my list. But for $600 bucks, I want to make sure that everyone can properly view the full glory of my gaming obsession. With this mod? - Not so much. See, when I actually play my DS lite, I usually open the screen. And when I do that, well… that means the folks who are staring at my glorious, sparkling handheld are going to be looking at this crystal mosaic of Nintendo awesomeness upside-down.

Come on guys, even Apple figured this out a few years back when they switched the logo orientation on their laptops… if you’re going to make your product an advertisement, you want to make sure that the people who are looking at it can do so without doing a handstand.

Click the jump for more images of these almost-ridiculously-awesome handhelds.

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