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FossilHave you held off buying a PDA because they are just too big? If so, you need to check out Fossil’s new PDA watch line. A few of the features include a high density 160 x 160 pixel grayscale LCD with touch screen and backlight, a stylus is integrated into the watch buckle, while the 3-way Rocker switch and Back button lets one-handed navigation. The watch also has customizable watch faces to suit each users style. True to the Palm, you can hotsync this to your PC or Mac. Depending on the style you choose, the watch will cost you $199 to $249.

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Sirius Satelite Radio ServiceHow would you like to subscribe to a satellite video service just as you are able to subscribe to satellite radio? Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. is planing to provide children’s video service in 2006. This will allow anyone with a subscription to view children’s programs to their automobile’s video monitors. No more dealing with scratched DVDs or that same DVD of the Teletubbies playing over and over again.

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10x10 Since we all love to keep on top of what’s going on in the world, we thought you might like this.  The 10 x 10 website scans the RSS feeds of several leading international news sources, and captures the top 100 words used to present a “snapshot” of news for every given hour.  It also takes the images from the news sources to create a 10 x 10 grid (Macromedia Flash 6 required) with a scrolling list of all 100 words on the right margin.  Clicking on a word brings up its image along with several related news links which you can follow to read the stories in more detail.  Not only is it useful, it’s easy and just plain cool.  Not surprisingly, the top word as of this writing is “tsunami.”  Thankfully, words 4 and 7 are “aid” and “relief” respectively.

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iPod 4GThis weeks CES had many new and interesting gadgets, but the ones that are sure to catch the eye of anyone who has an Apple iPod are the new car units that have been announced. In addition to the BMW line of iPod adapters, Pioneer and Clarion have both announced that they will have support for the portable MP3 player using their stereo decks.  Pioneer’s deck will allow owners to not only charge their iPod, but also control it using the deck’s buttons. Clarion’s will be a 7” touch screen that mimics the iPod screen. Both are interesting, and if the price is right will definitely be a must-have gear of 2005!

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Nyko MoviePlayerAppearently, the iPod does make the world go round. Apple has not yet announced a movie capable iPod, so Nyko made one for them. Sometime early this summer we should be seeing the “MoviePlayer”. It has a 3.5” color display and additional media controls for the current generation iPods. Nyko has not yet set a price but is estimating between $199 and $249. Follow the link below for a handful of new iPod accessories from Nyko.

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MicrosoftThis is just too hilarious not to post, but while Bill Gates was giving his keynote speech at CES, his Media Center PC crashed! The keynote speech is online at 3 different bitrates. Have fun and don’t laugh too loud.

Keynote Speech - (300k Stream)
Keynote Speech - (100k Stream)
Keynote Speech - (56k Stream)

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DescriptionNyko seems to have decided to make excellent accessories for the world’s most desired items. More CES announcements from the company include a bundle package for the Nintendo DS with screen protectors, a lit stylus, a soft case and charger grips with rechargable batteries. The PSP gets a water and shock proof alluminum recharger case in one package and a case and stand with hifi speakers in another package. Xbox users will have a choice of headsets or a pair of wireless controllers with vibration packs (also PS2 compatible). Even PC gamers are included with a convenient port extender which brings ports and jacks to the front of the machine for easier swap outs.

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Verbatim LogoVerbatim has begun testing new media for 8x DVD reading/writing. This will allow 4.7GB DVD media to be read/write in 7 minutes! They have sent out the media to DVD burner manufacturers as well as software suppliers to be used in drive design and read/write compatibility testing. Verbatim expects to ship out the new media to retailers in Q1 2005. Keep a look out for these new drives/media, I’m sure allot of people have been waiting for this type of news to upgrade their drives.

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Bill Gates  USA Today has a brief interview with the main man at Microsoft.  It’s really amazing how much we depend on our PC for all our gear.  Anyway, no new information regarding the XBox2, but he does offer some interesting scenarios on the future of video playback, along with why he supports the subscription-based model for digital music.  Oh, and there’s no portable XBox in the works, but I guess that’s what our Pocket PC’s are for.

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VoIPVoIP provider Vonage said Wednesday it has signed up 400,000 subscribers for its Internet telephoning service, more than doubling its base in less than six months. This helps bring more credibility to the young VoIP market. Vonage has plans to release a VoIP Wi-Fi phone in the near future, making it easy to recieve and make calls whenever you are near a wireless hotspot. If there were more wireless hotspots available in the United States, this would become a very viable means of communication.

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